Conducting experiments on a vaccine against tuberculosis to confront “Corona”


London_Arab today

British researchers, who are participating in a global experiment, revealed that front-line workers will be vaccinated with a vaccine to prevent tuberculosis, to explore its effectiveness in preventing the Corona virus. Tuberculosis, which stimulates a spontaneous and widespread reaction in the immune system and has proven ability to prevent infections or acute symptoms of other respiratory diseases.

Professor John Campbell of the University of Exeter College of Medicine said, “BCG has shown that it boosts immunity in general, which may provide some protection against Covid-19.” And he continued: “We are looking to see if the BCG vaccine helps with Protecting those at risk of infection with Corona, and if he does that, we can save lives … with this vaccine that is already available and cheap. ”It is indicated that the British study is part of a global experiment led by Australia and started last April, and is also being conducted in the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil, as a test The effectiveness of BCG vaccine in preventing COVID-19 in South Africa.

And a recent study confirmed that the tuberculosis vaccine, known as BCG, can provide protection against infection with the Corona epidemic, especially since the vaccine is designed to protect against lung infections and enhance immunity against infection with infectious viruses. There is a clear link in the decrease in the death rate from Covid-19 disease among people who received the TB vaccine in all parts of the world, taking into account social, economic and demographic differences.

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