Chile is the farthest journey to the longest land where the earth ends


“Sylvie” in front of the plate at the start of a flight Fly Emirates First TK 263 to Santiago as capital Chile On the fifth of July (July) at nine and five minutes in the morning, I picked up the silly unimaginable fatigue on my face after cutting more than six hours of flight from London to Dubai to witness the longest journey in my life to a destination I do not know about. Other than being located in South America and its shape is long and thin and lies between the Andes mountains and the eastern Pacific Ocean, and is bordered by Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east and the Drake Pass from the far south. I knew about her through her poets like Pablo Neruda and Gabriel Mistral and knew that her title was “The Land of Poets”. From my limited information, her capital, Santiago, includes the largest Palestinian community in the world and the football club Club Deportivo Palermo, which was founded in 1920.

We tied the belt, and the journey began to welcome the passengers who will spend 21 hours flying. The destination is the same, but the stories of the passengers are different. There are businessmen who will benefit from the new trip to reach Brazil and Chile as soon and the best time, and there are passengers who are impatiently waiting to meet their relatives after a long absence, and there are those like me who are searching for new and far trips and calculate their years of life with the knowledge that they acquire From every journey and adventure. I closed my eyes and started dreaming about those countries whose name occupied me and yearned to reach them to find out if their name was “Chile” due to pepper or because of their long and thin shape.

After hours and hours of sleeping, eating and watching movies, the plane landed at Santiago International Airport, and the evening was cold and the climate in Chile depends on the sector you intend to visit. If you prefer warm weather, it is better to plan a visit between October and March and this time. It is best for those who intend to visit Patagonia, to the south of the country. In the event that you intend to visit the capital, located in the middle of the valley and the «Atacama» desert. You can do this at any time of the year, bearing in mind that the weather during our summer is winter in Chile. The period between June and August is a beautiful autumn period, during which you see the most beautiful natural paintings, especially if you are going to the mountains.

Name puzzle

The first question I asked of the first Chilean person I met was: “Where did the name of Chile come from?” The answer was that there is a murmur about the name. Contrary to what some think that the name came from the long pepper-like country shape, it actually came from the indigenous Mapuche and means “where the earth ends” or the Mapuche imitation of a bird that makes a sound that sounds as if it is singing “Chile Chile”.


After solving the mystery of the name of Chile, the time came to evaluate the city and judge it at first sight, it is a city bordered by mountains that were covered in snow, a modern and historical city at the same time, in which the aspects that suggest that it is an economically successful city, its roads are wide and its buildings are high, and it has the highest building in South America It is composed of 64 floors, and a platform was finally opened to see the city from the last floor to see the most beautiful landmarks of the city and «Indian Cordillera». It is considered the most stable and prosperous city in South America, and the tourism sector in Chile has witnessed continuous growth during the past years, and the number of tourists exceeded 5.6 Million sa List.

If your visit is short to the capital, the best and quickest way to get to know it is through trips on the tourist buses that pass through the city center and visit archaeological sites such as Plaza De Armas, Santiago Cathedral, the Central Post Center and the City Hall in Santiago. Also important visits are Palacio De Palace La Moneda is the seat of the Chilean government, and the building dates back to the nineteenth century was designed to be a workshop for the production of coins and for this reason it was called “La Moneda” meaning “currency”.

After visiting the most important buildings and historical monuments in the center of Santiago, I advise you to head to the vicinity of Barrio Lastarria, where you can discover the heritage of the architecture and its true styles. Walk through the streets marked with small stones and access to small boutiques and art shops.

Let’s get out of Santiago

Santiago is beautiful but what is more beautiful is to get out and visit the nearby cities and go on trips farther by plane to places worth traveling.

Among the visits that are not repeated in your life is the “Acatama” desert. Imagine that the land of this desert is the drier and the highest in the world, and it is strange that this desert grows with chrysanthemum flowers, which makes them a true natural marvel.

Other beautiful visits include the ice areas of Tierra Del Fuego and the discovery of mystery surrounding the most famous island in Chile, Easter Island and Puerto Varas, which was on my itinerary and is about an hour by plane.

Among the wonderful areas near Santiago, Valparaiso, which played an important geopolitical role in the second part of the nineteenth century because of its port that made it open to other cities and countries, is the second largest inhabited sector in Chile and its title the jewel of the Pacific and considered a legacy of UNESCO, a city Cultural and important trade, and its port contributed to the reception of Europeans, especially Spanish.

After getting to know its port and its yard you can visit the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts in addition to the Natural History Museum, but one of the most beautiful things you can do in Valparaiso is to go up and visit the Casa La Sebastiana Museum, the house of the poet Pablo Neruda located on a hill that overlooks the homes of those Colorful random city that leans on each other, this house is a cultural sample and a translation of Chile’s artistic and cultural wealth.

It is possible to walk between its alleys and ladders, take a short trip on the old cable car, inhale culture and art, and reflect on the art of graffiti spread in the city that includes the largest number of artists and painters, and you enter restaurants and cafes hanging between buildings, all of which overlook the charming views.

Eating in Chile

If you like salmon, you are in the right place, because Chile hosts huge numbers of salmon farms, and in the event that you are a supporter of beef and specifically steak, you are also in the right place because Chile offers the finest types of meat and its restaurants are famous for providing the best recipes for roast steak.

And for pastry lovers, I advise them to taste the “Sopaipillas” and “Empanadas” pastries, which are a piece of dough stuffed with vegetables, chicken or meat, and in Chile good eating, including simple street eating, is cheap and delicious at the same time.

Chileans are known for their love of ice cream, which is why you see many shops selling them all over and in all seasons.

What you do not know about Chile

> Chile is among the few countries in the world that includes an official office to monitor UFO space objects. This explains why Chileans are watching the sky and monitoring the stars and what is going on in them, and they are among the most people who publish videos claiming to see foreign bodies in the sky.

> The Chilean people ranked second in the world in terms of consumption of bread, after the German people ranked first. That’s why there are many types of delicious bread, the most famous of which is Marraqueta.

> In Chile there is the oldest mummy in the world, which makes it much older than the mummy in Egypt, discovered in the Camarones Valley and the oldest dating back to about 5050 BC.

* Chile entered the Guinness Book of Records after recording the world’s largest swimming pool with a capacity of 66 million gallons of water, the size of 20 Olympic swimming pools.

> Chile broke the record in 2007 after launching at the Port of Viña del Mar in Valparaiso 1,600 fireworks, and entered the Guinness Book of Records.

> Shakespeare is said to have been inspired by the character “Caliban” in “The Tempest” after reading an explorer’s blog and his description of the clans who lived in “Tierra del Fuego”, far south of Chile.

> One of the most beautiful roads in the world is the one that ends in the city of Quillon on the island of Chiloe, and at this point it takes the most beautiful photographs ever. The second great road ends in “Ushuaia” in Argentina.

> The largest recorded earthquake in the world hit Chile with a magnitude of 9.5 on the Richter scale. It occurred in Valdivia in 1960, lasted for 13 minutes, and killed about 6 thousand victims.

> The official language in Chile is Spanish, and the Chilean people are friendly and open to other nationalities.

last word

It is difficult to count the splendor and beauty of Chile in a few words, but it is easy to elaborate on its description, which deserves many words.

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