Cairo Airport reveals the start of applying the “new condition” for entry


Cairo – Arabs today

On Tuesday morning, Cairo International Airport began implementing the Egyptian government’s decision to ban entry to those coming from abroad of all nationalities without a “PCR” analysis of the Coronavirus, with a negative result before the flight, no later than 72 hours. According to the official Egyptian Middle East News Agency, the decision includes Egyptians and foreigners coming from all countries of the world, as part of Egypt’s plan to confront the emerging corona virus. The Civil Aviation Authority also began implementing the decision to conduct a “PCR” analysis to detect the Corona virus for passengers, upon their arrival at Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam and Taba airports, in the event that they did not present a certificate stating that the analysis had a negative result at most 72 hours before the scheduled date of the flight. The Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority said, “According to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and Population, children under 6 years of age from all nationalities, whether Egyptians or foreigners, are exempt from presenting a certificate of analysis upon arrival at Egyptian airports.” The Civil Aviation Authority also allowed passengers arriving at coastal airports without analysis to enter the country, on condition that the analysis be conducted at Egyptian airports upon arrival, for $ 30. The Cairo International Airport authorities are taking all precautionary measures taken to confront the outbreak of the Coronavirus, in accordance with the instructions of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, to ensure the safety of travelers and arrivals, by reducing congestion, especially in the counters, passports and first inspection places for entry of passengers, and electric elevators inside the airport.

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