London, United Kingdom (CNN) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office announced he is leaving the care room of St. Thomas Hospital in London, after his health condition improved due to his infection with the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19).

Downing Street said in a statement on Thursday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been transferred from intensive care to a hospital room, where he would receive close monitoring during his early recovery.

The statement added that the 55-year-old British Prime Minister, “in very good spirits.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was transferred to the intensive care unit of St. Thomas Hospital in Londonen a few days ago after his health deteriorated as a result of the emerging coronavirus.

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister, was confirmed in press statements, that Johnson’s condition is “stable”, noting that he is responding to treatment, pointing out that “the Prime Minister is receiving oxygen therapy and he is breathing without support.”

And the British Foreign Secretary Dominic Rapp took the reins in the country as Deputy Prime Minister, after the latter was infected with Corona virus, and transferred to intensive care.

The death toll from the virus (Covid 19) in Britain rose Thursday to reach about 8,000 deaths, an increase of 881 deaths during the past 24 hours, according to the British Foreign Secretary and Acting Prime Minister Dominic Rap.


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