Farrage played a prominent role in the campaign for Britain’s exit from the European Union and came under criticism for accusing him of racism against immigrants.

Nigel Farage He resigned from his position as leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

“I did my own job” ,Farage said, after the referendum ended in Britain by voting on its exit from the European Union.

He added that his party “occupies a very good place,” noting that he will not change his mind about leaving office, as happened in the aftermath of the 2015 parliamentary elections.

Farage – whose party won 24 seats in the European Parliament elections, and holds one of them – that his leadership of the UK Independence Party was “sometimes difficult”, but “it deserves it.

He added that Britain needs “a prime minister to get the country out of the European Union.

Farrag said that his party would lead a campaign against the “retreat” of Britain’s exit from the European Union, adding that he would complete his term in the European Parliament, describing the party as “like the turkeys that voted for Christmas (in which they are slaughtered)”.

He said that “his party’s great potential” is to attract supporters of the Labor Party to support it, and he refused to support any specific candidate that replaces him in the leadership of the party. Saying, “I hope the best man or the best woman wins.

Farage announced his willingness to “bury and condone anything”, even with the only party member in the House of Commons, Douglas Carswell, who expressed his pleasure after announcing that Farage had left his post on his Twitter account by sending a face photo in the name of.

The two men had clashed once, and increased tension between them when they supported each other’s rival campaign before voting on the referendum.

The UK Independence Party is now involved in the Conservative Party in the search for a new leader following David Cameron’s resignation after the referendum result.

Farrag announced his decision to step down in a speech in London.

Faraj took over the leadership of the party for about eight years, then briefly left the post in 2009, and was re-elected the following year.

After failing to win the parliamentary elections last year, he said he would leave his post, but he remained in the post after the party refused to resign.

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