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Former US Vice President Joe Biden, who is seeking a Democratic Party nomination card for the presidential election, has pledged to choose a vice president if he wins the primary. On his part, Senator Bernie Sanders, his rival, is likely to take a similar step if he chooses to represent the party, speaking of choosing a “progressive woman”. This came during a debate between the two candidates, during which they criticized the manner in which President Donald Trump managed to deal with the Corona virus crisis.

Take the two filters For the primary The Democratic Party of America is seeking to win the party’s nomination to head the country about choosing a woman for vice president if one of them is chosen to compete with Donald Trump in the November presidential elections, during a bilateral debate on Sunday.

He pledged Joe Biden The former vice president selected a woman to be a vice presidential candidate.

He said in the debate, “If I am elected president, my government, my administration, will be in the image of the country, and I am committed to choosing a woman as vice president. Many women have the necessary qualities to become future presidents. I will choose a woman (to be) a vice president.”

His opponent said Senator Bernie Sanders For his part, he would “probably” choose a woman to be the vice presidential candidate. “For me, the issue is not just about naming a woman, it is about choosing a progressive woman,” he said.

The two candidates attacked the method of managing the president Donald Trump In a confrontation Corona Virus.

Biden said it was necessary to declare a “war” on the virus and “do much more than this president did,” in reference to Trump. “I would immediately turn to the military. The army has the capacity to build hospitals with the 500 beds it needs,” the former US vice president said.

As for Sanders, he said, “We have to silence this president now because he is undermining the work of doctors and scientists trying to help the American people,” referring to Trump’s many statements that were contrary to the opinions of experts.

The two candidates canceled electoral rallies, while two states, Louisiana and Georgia, postponed the primaries, against the backdrop of an epidemic that has killed at least 57 Americans so far and crippled daily life across the country.

Several states and cities imposed restrictions on gatherings and closed the schools that are often used as polling stations, in an attempt to contain the epidemic.

Biden, who appears more likely to win the Democratic nomination, and Sanders, who classifies himself as a “social democrat,” is competing to face Trump in the November elections.

On Saturday, Trump’s doctor confirmed that he was not infected with the Covid-19 virus after meeting members of a Brazilian presidential delegation who were later found to be infected.

The debate comes ahead of critical electoral events on Tuesday in Florida, Ohio, Illinois and Arizona. The officials confirmed that they will work to make voting conditions safe for voters.

But the state of Georgia announced the postponement of its primary elections for two months on Saturday, while the deputy in the Georgia State Senate Nikima Williams warned that voting would threaten the health of voters.

A day earlier, Louisiana announced that it would also delay its 11-week primaries.

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