Beware of this drink in Ramadan – a healthy life


In the blessed month of Ramadan, and with fasting, a person needs to drink a lot of fluids, in order to moisturize the body and protect it from dehydration, but there is a drink that we should reduce or depart from, so what is it? We will also introduce you to an important benefit of fasting.

The answer is fruit juice, it is not much better than soft drinks, which are more like bombs than sugar. However, the juice may also be unhealthy in terms of sugar and calories, even if the juices are marketed as supplements and a source of vitamins.

Experts advise to reduce drinking juices for the following reasons:

  • Juices contain a lot of calories like soft drinks, so if you want to lose weight, you will not get the desired result, as there is no difference between juices and soft drinks, so that the percentage of sugar in sweetened juices may be more.

When you drink a cup of ready-made sweetened orange juice, your blood sugar level rises, and then it decreases very quickly, which often ends in a bout of hunger. So if you want to lose weight, avoid juices, according to the Means Health website.

On the other hand, fresh homemade juices are better in terms of vitamins and nutrients.

From a nutritional point of view, an apple or a kiwi cannot be replaced by juice, as preparing juices exposes it to high pressure and heat, which loses many benefits. Vitamins are sensitive and lose their value when exposed to heat.

Also, many vitamins are located under the crust that is neglected during the afternoon, in addition to the fibers that change during this. In addition, local juice attacks the tooth enamel, according to the website published by the US “Web 24 News”.

Because of the high sugar content in juices, it may increase the risk of developing diabetes, according to a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health.

Fasting and immunity
Also, in the context of fasting, an American study has shown that fasting and reducing calories that the body gets for certain periods of time can help fight autoimmune symptoms such as SLE, multiple sclerosis and other symptoms.

A person usually develops these diseases when his immune system begins to attack the body’s own organs. This is due to the failure of the immune system to recognize the organs and internal parts of it, so that it cannot know the genetic fingerprint of the cells of the body, so it deals with them as if they are alien to it, and begins to attack them using immune cells and immune bodies.

This causes severe damage to the body that may be concentrated in one place or one organ, such as autoimmune thyroiditis, or it may attack a group of organs, which may cause body disease.

The study was initially conducted in mice before the trials were limited to humans. It was found that abstaining from food for hours also helps reduce the symptoms of MS.

“When you eat meals according to a certain fasting-like regimen, the body secretes cortisone that begins to kill autoimmune cells, and this process can lead to the formation of new healthy cells,” said Walter Longo, head of the research team from the University of Southern California, US. The diet reached by Longo and his team relied on reducing calorie consumption by half over three days of each week.

And the preliminary results of this experiment, whether for mice or humans, showed that this diet can reduce some of the symptoms caused by autoimmune diseases.

For his part, the website “Science Alert” on scientific research stated that the research team conducted many experiments on fasting and concluded that eating time-separated meals for limited periods and with limited calories not only helps in reducing fat, but also reduces the appearance of the effects of aging and many From human diseases.

Source: Deutsche Welle, German