Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – With the expansion of the emerging virus Corona virus, many Arab and international countries have taken important decisions to protect their citizens, most notably the suspension of air traffic to and from their lands.

Thus, if you look at the sky via satellite, you will notice that the sky looks very different from what it was just a month ago.

AndAs the number of flights from around the world diminishes, the official FlightRadar24 account on Twitter, a flight tracking service, has published two photos to compare aircraft movement on February 23 and March 23, and during the same time.

As of March 21, commercial flights with “FlightRadar24” had fallen 13% from 2019 levels.

The official account attached the graphic image to a comment: “The total number of flights that were tracked fell to their lowest levels yesterday, that is, on March 21, since January 1, 2017.”

The same applies to flights to and from the territory of the United Arab Emirates, which also decided to suspend all flights of passengers and transit, for a period of two weeks, starting on March 25, according to the Emirates News Agency, “Wam”.

In a statement issued by the General Authority of Civil Aviation, she said that the decision does not include the necessary cargo and evacuation flights, taking all precautionary and preventive measures in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection.

Thus, the official account released 4 photos reflecting light traffic to and from the UAE territory on March 23, compared to last month, on February 23.

Finally … How do you expect global air traffic to be next month?

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