Because of Corona .. new controls for residence in Egypt hotels


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

On Sunday, Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly approved a number of hotel accommodation regulations in the country in accordance with the World Health Organization guidelines for dealing with a virus Sk.

During a meeting on Sunday evening, chaired by the Prime Minister and a number of ministers participated, a number of residence regulations and hotel requirements were approved for domestic tourism.

Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism, said that basic conditions have been adopted to grant a health fitness certificate for hotels, including the need for each hotel to provide a clinic and a doctor, in continuous coordination with the Ministry of Health in this regard, as well as to ensure the quality of personal protective tools and sterilization materials used, and not to Dealing only with companies approved by the Ministry of Health.

The minister stated that the new requirements include the formation of joint work teams to pass through hotels and ensure that the conditions are met and ready for operation.

He explained that the requirements also require not to hold any parties or weddings inside the hotel, and to prohibit all types of night activity in the hotel, with the allocation of a small hotel, or a floor in the hotel in each spa for quarantine cases confirmed and suspected cases, while continuing permanently by conducting a rapid test for workers on Tourist portals in coordination with the Ministry of Health.

With regard to the requirements for guests, the Minister of Tourism confirmed that it includes installing a sterilizer at the hotel entrance, completing the procedures for logging in for the guest electronically, or using single-use pens, sterilizing the luggage of the guests before arriving at the hotel and leaving, and measuring the temperatures for guests when entering the facility each time .

The requirements also included the provision of a hand sanitizer in the reception area and various facilities at all times, regular cleansing of all public areas, and the presence of housing for workers in the hotel, while providing isolation areas for the affected cases as they arise.

During the meeting, the hotel operating controls were reviewed, which include a ban on serving the buffet completely, relying on pre-defined menus, a ban on serving hookahs, measuring temperatures for restaurant diners, leaving a distance of no less than two meters between dining tables, and one meter between each person and another at the table, Taking into account the families with a maximum of 6 chairs on the large table, relying on single-use dining utensils as much as possible, placing sterilizers and sterilizing napkins on each dining table, and placing awareness instructions throughout the restaurant.

The requirements of internal supervision and laundry services were reviewed, which include cleaning the rooms on a daily basis using the tools of the infection prevention vehicle and following the instructions of the Ministry of Health, and cleaning and sterilizing all tangible points every hour in public places and public toilets using disinfectants decided by the Ministry of Health.