Be careful … Corona could pollute the air and this evidence!


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Again, the hypothesis of existence has returned novel coronavirus And moving it through the air to the front again, in a recent study, researchers found that the new coronavirus appears to remain in the air in crowded places or rooms that lack ventilation, a result that supports the idea that Covid 19 can spread through portable fine particles By air which is known as “aerosol”.

Experts at Bohan China Hospital have observed that parts of the virus’s genetic material float in the air from hospital toilets, from an interior area that includes large crowds, and rooms where medical personnel exchange equipment and crews.

However, the study did not confirm whether these airborne particles cause infections or not, and so remains the question of how easily the new virus can circulate in the air a matter of controversy.

In turn, the World Health Organization said that the risk is limited to specific circumstances, referring to an analysis conducted on more than 75 thousand cases in China, all of which did not reveal the “air” transmission of the epidemic.

However, the rapid spread of the pandemic around the world, and its affliction of nearly 3 million people within months, is what makes the experts search with all their strengths to know any detail on the ways of transmission of the disease, and to understand and analyze it exactly.

Corona - expressive Corona – expressive

The study stated that people usually produce two types of drops when they breathe, cough, or speak, and it is possible for larger atoms to fall to the ground before they evaporate, causing pollution by things that can be stabilized on them.

“Aerosol traps”

While smaller atoms can form pollution in the air if they remain for hours.

In turn, researchers from Wuhan University created so-called “aerosol traps” in and around two hospitals in Wuhan, the birthplace of the epidemic, and found little of the aforementioned aerosols on the wards of patients, and elsewhere.

They also revealed more of them in the toilets and in two other areas where they had large crowds, including an interior space near a hospital.

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The medical staff removed protection equipment in patients’ rooms, which also indicated that device contaminated particles had become dispersed in the air after removing masks, gloves, and dresses.

To that, the researchers pointed out that these results highlight the importance of ventilation on the one hand, and the need to reduce crowding on the other hand to avoid the spread of the epidemic through the air.

It is noteworthy that the new Corona virus has claimed more than 220 thousand souls around the world since its outbreak months ago, as well as more than 3 million people.