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Barcelona announced on Friday that it has taken a series of measures aimed at confronting the financial effects of stopping sports competitions in Spain and Europe due to the Corona virus “Covid-19”, among them reducing the salaries of its employees, without clarifying whether the decision includes players of the first football team.

he decided F.C.B The Spanish football champions, to reduce the salaries of its employees in order to face the financial effects of stopping sports competitions in light of the spread of Corona “Covid-19” virus, according to what the club’s management announced on Friday, without specifying whether the move includes all employees and players.

And the spread of “Covid-19” imposed almost complete paralysis in various sports activities around the world, and led to the suspension of football competitions in Spain, the country that has become the second largest in the world in terms of the number of virus victims after Italy, with more than four thousand declared deaths and more than 56 thousand injured Thursday.

“The competition stopped due to the ‘Covid-19’ epidemic, which was followed by the cessation of all sports and non-sports activities for our club,” the Catalan club said in a statement.

The club, which won the title “La Liga” in the past two seasons and took the lead in the current season’s ranking before its suspension after stage 27, stated that it “took a series of measures to reduce its effects (pause) and mitigate the economic consequences of this crisis.”

He stated that the procedures include “reducing the number of working days, given the current conditions, and as a consequence of the relative reduction of the salaries determined under the contracts.”

The club did not directly determine whether this move involved first-team footballers, knowing that Spanish press reports indicated in the past days that there were negotiations between the management of the Catalan club and the players led by Argentine star Lionel Messi, in order to implement this matter.

But press reports indicated on Thursday night that Barcelona included these players, like other sports players in the club, with a salary cut, despite their rejection of the administration’s proposal.

While some reports revealed that the rate of deduction from the salary may reach 70 percent under the current circumstances, it indicated that club president Josep Maria Bartomeo intends to pay “compensation” to the first football team players to mitigate this reduction, given the management’s consideration that these are responsible Mainly about providing the majority of the club’s revenue under normal circumstances.

The stoppage of competitions and the lack of clarity of the image about when it can be repeated in light of the health situation has caused many international football clubs, especially in Europe, to worry about their revenues falling sharply in the absence of match revenues and TV transport revenues in the current period.

Several clubs in different countries, especially Germany and France, have resorted to reducing player salaries during this period.

France 24 / AFP

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