The shock is still controlling Bangladesh after it was found that the perpetrators of the attack were children of the “elite”

Police in Bangladesh are continuing to investigate the bloody attack in the capital, Dhaka, on Friday, amid feelings of shock that the defendants belong to the “elite” class in the country.

The slack includes the son of a government politician, as well as students in an elite school.

The accident killed two policemen, nine Italians, seven Japanese, an American and an Indian, and six suspects, and one of the suspects was arrested in the 12-hour standoff in the Holy Artisan café in Gulshan. An Italian citizen is still missing.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, but the government denied this.

One of the photos released by the “Islamic State” claiming that it was accompanied by one of the perpetrators of the attack in Dhaka”Most of the boys who attacked the restaurant were students in very good educational institutions … some of them were in advanced schools, and their families were well off,” Bangladesh Information Minister Hassan al-Haq Anu told an Indian TV station.

One of the attackers was Ruhan Imtiaz, son of Imtiaz Khan, leader of the Awami Political Movement movement in Dhaka, and deputy secretary general of the Bangladesh Olympic Committee.

“I feel shy and sorry. I am amazed at what happened,” Imtiyaz Khan told the BBC.

“My son used to pray 5 times from my childhood. There is a mosque a few meters away from the house. He started going to the mosque with his grandfather. But we did not imagine that would happen. There were no signs in the house and there were no books or any Something that shows those tendencies he has. ”

Khan said his son had disappeared from home in December, “And when I was looking for my son, I discovered that there are other boys who are missing, a well-educated boy from well-educated families, children of professional owners and government officials.”

One of the photos released by the “Islamic State” claiming that it was accompanied by one of the perpetrators of the attack in Dhaka

One of the dead suspected of the attack was Nibras Islam, who is reported to have been a student at the prestigious Australian Monash University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which has an annual tuition fee of $ 9,000.

Another suspect, Andalib Ahmed, was also at Monash University, was in Malaysia from 2012 to 2015, and then was in Istanbul, Turkey.

Analysts say the defendants’ background helped them a lot to mix easily in the luxurious diplomatic area that witnessed the accident.

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