Are they producing it soon? Oxford scientists are stepping up a Corona vaccine – a healthy life


Researchers from the University of Oxford have announced that next September it may be possible to start a widespread vaccination against the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19). A new study found that most people with corona medical personnel in America were most likely to have contracted the virus while doing their work.

Oxford University researchers are specialized in developing a vaccine against corona, as they have previously developed a vaccine against the Corona virus associated with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV), according to the German newspaper Bild reported on its website.

Corina Vandermuilen, head of the vaccination research center at Leuven University, commented to the Dutch newspaper, “Hott Newsblad”, on the above, saying “based on the experience they have, they can experiment with the use of different proteins to stimulate the immune response in the body.”

In practical terms, all that Oxford researchers have to do is change the serum they have, not start from scratch and invent a new serum, and this means saving time, and even the time required for licensing.

It is reported that researchers in more than 70 laboratories around the world are working to produce a vaccine against the epidemic. Three laboratories have reached the stage of human serum testing, one in the United States, another in China, and a third in Oxford, according to the German newspaper Bild.

But the question remains: Will it be possible to get the vaccine next September? Researcher Corinna Vermeulen questioned this, due to the need for millions of adequate doses and the necessary funding.

It is noteworthy that more than two million people around the world were infected with the Corona virus, about 470,000 of them were cured, while more than 130,000 died from this disease. Most of the injuries are concentrated in the United States with more than 614,000 injuries, about 50,000 of them have recovered, and about 30,000 have died.

Source: Deutsche Welle, Reuters