Apple’s annual offer canceled and replaced by one over the Internet due to Corona

Apple’s annual offer, or what is known as the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, was canceled to replace an event that is transmitted on the Internet only, and Apple said in a statement: “The current health situation requires the creation of a new format for the conference this year,” and the conference that takes place is often used In June to announce Apple products and features of its modern software.

All conference tickets, which are intended for Apple developers, are sold entirely, and the single ticket costs $ 1,600, and Apple announced that it will “host its global developer conference in June … in a completely new way via the Internet.”

Full details will be revealed in the coming weeks, but the company’s marketing director, Phil Schiller, has promised a “full program with keynote and online sessions”, and the company will also allocate $ 1 million to local businesses in San Jose, California, “to offset the lost revenue associated with the conference transfer outcome” To the Internet “, and the CEO’s annual keynote speech, Tim Cook, is usually broadcast online every year to a much larger audience than the one at the San Jose Convention Center.

There was much speculation about the conference’s fate as the world struggles to contain the spread of the Corona virus. Avoiding large gatherings is an essential part of many general health advice, and in previous years attendance came from all over the world. Apple says its developer program includes 23 million people from 155 countries.

Last year’s conference saw two notable events: the unveiling of a new Mac Pro device and the advanced Pro Display XDR screen, and during the conference also announcing new features for Apple software such as iOS and Mac OS, and the actual Apple conference The one that thousands were supposed to participate in is the latest technology event to be canceled due to the Corona virus.

The E3 eSports event was canceled earlier, and its organizers are discussing “options” for an “online experience” in June, and the “Technology, Entertainment and Designs” conference known as “TED” was postponed. Organizers are proposing the idea of ​​setting it up online before they decide to choose a later date. The main conferences of both Google and Facebook have been affected, as well as the Game Developers Conference, the Southwestern Conference and the Mobile World Congress.

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