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Firm settledCamel“The American, the controversy over the vulnerability in its application of email, which allegedly allowed more than half a billion phone users to be hacked”IphoneShe explained in an official response that she did not find “any evidence” of a defect in her email application for iPhone and iPad against its users, and that she believed that this vulnerability “does not pose a direct threat to users,” according to an agency Reuters.

The cyber security company, “Zikobs”, based in San Francisco, USA, was the first to allude to the vulnerability, Wednesday, adding that it may have caused the penetration of more than half a billion phones “iPhone”.

Zikobs Chief Executive Zoc Avraham told Reuters he had found evidence of exploiting the vulnerability in at least 6 cyber security breaches, explaining that he had found evidence that Hacker had exploited the vulnerability since January 2018 , But he could not identify the intruders.

Reuters said it was unable to independently verify its allegations, as Apple announced on Wednesday that there was a loophole in its application of e-mail on iPhone and iPad tablets, known as the “Mail” application, and said It is the company that has developed a fix that will be introduced in the upcoming update of the millions of devices it has sold around the world.

On Thursday, Apple opposed Zok Avraham’s allegations about the dangers of the vulnerability, and that it was used against iPhone users. “Apple” said in an official statement: “We have carefully investigated the report of the researcher (Zikobs Inc.), and based on the information provided we concluded that these problems do not pose a direct threat to our users.”

She pointed out that the security company presented 3 problems in the “mail” application, but it was not sufficient to bypass the security protection measures for “iPhone” and “iPad” devices, and we found no evidence of its use against customers. “Zook Abraham did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Apple’s statement.

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