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The NBA has launched a prize named after NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi, and will be dedicated annually from 2021 to rewarding everyone who supports the development of women’s basketball. Kobe and his daughter were killed in a helicopter crash in late January.

She announced Basketball League For Professionals Friday that it will allocate annually from 2021 a prize bearing the name Kobe and Gigi Bryant In order to reward people who promote the development of women’s basketball.

The association stated in statement “The trophy named after Kobe and Gigi Bryant will reward individuals or a group of people who make significant contributions, to promote and develop women’s basketball at all levels.”

The association pointed out that Vanessa, wife of American basketball legend Kobe Bryant, who spent with his daughter Gianna in a helicopter accident in late January, “will have a key role in determining the winners” of this award.

The association also stated that “(Vanessa) will deliver the trophy annually on the sidelines of the weekend game of all stars that brings together the most prominent stars of the eastern and western regions in the NBA and will be held during February of each year.

“Kobe was one of the people who strongly supported women’s basketball and Gianna shared his passion for our sport,” said professional basketball association president Katie Engelbert. “This trophy is a tribute to them and will echo Cuban determination to create a new generation of players, to promote our sport and give back to the basketball family what it has given him.”

And Gianna, who has the nickname “Gigi”, wanted to become a professional player in the American Women’s League and had always accompanied her father, who won five times in the Los Angeles Lakers, to watch basketball games for men and women and train at his side in the exercise hall in their luxurious home. He also supervised the training of her school team.

France 24 / AFP

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