Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A report published in the American newspaper Newsweek, which shed light on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and that he was “the first” who proposed quarantine and personal hygiene in cases of the spread of the epidemic, sparked a widespread reaction among activists on social networking sites, at a time that comes simultaneously With mounting calls for staying in homes and quarantines to counter the new Coronavirus, or what has come to be known as “Covid-19”.

The report was titled: “Can the power of prayer alone stop a pandemic? Even the Prophet Muhammad had another opinion“Immune experts like Doctor Anthony Fuchi and medical correspondents like Sanji Gupta say good personal hygiene and quarantine are the best way to surround Covid-19,” said Doctor Craig Considine, author of the report published on March 17.

He continued: “Do you know who also suggested personal hygiene and quarantine during an epidemic? Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam 1300 years ago .. At the time when (the Prophet Muhammad) was not in any way a ‘traditional’ expert on deadly epidemics, Muhammad provided advice To prevent and confront developments such as Covid-19 “.

The report added: “Muhammed said: If you hear the spread of plague on a land that you do not enter, but if the plague spread to a place while you were there, do not leave this place … He also said: Those with infectious diseases must be kept away from other healthy people.”

The report highlighted the fact that “the Prophet Muhammad also encouraged by the power of mankind a commitment to personal hygiene that will keep people safe from infection .. Look at these hadiths: cleanliness is part of the faith … wash your hands after waking up from sleep so you do not know where your hands moved during your sleep … blessing Food lies in washing hands before and after eating .. “

The author of the report continued, “Perhaps the most important thing is that he (the Prophet Muhammad) knew when religion and causes are balanced. During the past weeks, some went far to suggest that prayer would be better to keep you safe from the Corona virus than adhering to the basic principles and adherence to social separation and quarantine … what The Prophet Muhammad would have said about the idea that prayer is the most important or the only means of treatment?

This report sparked a wide interaction between social media activists, provided by Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior in the Emirates, with a comment in which he said: “The American Newsweek: Do you know who suggested personal hygiene and quarantine during the epidemic? Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam 1400 years ago, was never an expert on deadly disease issues, but Muhammad had great advice to prevent and combat the development of a pandemic like the Coruna virus .. “

Below we show you a number of what activists have reported on their pages about this report:


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