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After two hard days, I recorded United StateThursday evening, a relative decline in relation to the victims of the emerging coronavirus, with the death of 1,783 people within 24 hours, in a relatively lower result than that recorded the day before.

Data published by Johns Hopkins University, which is a reference in tracking new infections and deaths caused by the Corona virus, showed that the epidemic had caused the deaths of 1,783 people, i.e. 190 less than the previous day, bringing the total number of deaths caused by Covid-19 in the United States. To 16,478 deaths.

On Wednesday, for the second day in a row, the United States recorded the death of about two thousand people due to corona within 24 hours, in the highest daily toll ever recorded by a country in the world since the outbreak of the epidemic.

The United States ranks second in the world in terms of the number of deaths caused by the virus, behind Italy, which is nearly two thousand deaths before it.

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump said that his country is currently experiencing the peak of the spread of the Coruna virus, stressing that Americans are moving forward to defeat the deadly virus.

Trump made clear during his daily press conference about developments Corona Virus19 properties are being evaluated for the Coronavirus, and there are 26 others on the path of a “clinical trial”.

New York is still the epicenter of this epidemic in the country. To date, the state has recorded more than 7,000 deaths, including 799 deaths in the last 24 hours, a record number for this state whose governor, Andrew Como, nevertheless reassured the number of injured people who had been summoned Her condition of admission to hospital Thursday fell to an unprecedented level, which he saw a ray of hope.

Since its first appearance at the end of last year in central China’s Wuhan, the new Corona virus has killed up to Wednesday evening, more than 94,000 people in the world.

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