Amazing astronomical event in which the moon and 3 planets appear on a line


Washington – Arabs today

Waiting for Earth A rare astronomical event, in which 4 celestial bodies appear on one line, and can be seen from Earth twice, on April 14 and 15 April. The Space website, Tuesday, will be possible for anyone to view this unique astronomical event, starting with Tuesday evening, indicating that the moon will line up with the planets of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.

The site pointed out that it will be available to people a rare opportunity to see the four heavenly bodies in the sky, indicating that the beginning will be when the moon appears on the right side of Jupiter, today, Tuesday.

He added: “And on April 15, he will arrive the moon To “the center of the group”, from our earthly perspective, “while the night of April 16th, will be the last opportunity to observe the unique space” gathering “, simultaneously.

According to statistics, the moon will be 243 thousand miles away from the Earth, while the observation will depend on who sees by looking, adding: “The first meeting, between the moon and Jupiter, can be observed accurately with those who have a telescope, in addition to that they will be able to see Jupiter’s moons aligned Almost in a straight line, on one side of the planet.

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