Amala is a popular destination on the Red Sea coast


Amala is a super luxury destination with a great location on the coast The Red Sea Northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and seeks to design unique and inspiring personal experiences inspired by the world of art, culture, health, luxury, recreation fun and the red sea purity. Amala was designed to elevate the concept of travel and luxury tourism experiences, where her ambitious vision was born out of the transformation journey being undertaken by the Kingdom in the sectors of tourism, travel, hospitality and sustainability.

World travelers, the most distinguished and passionate about exceptional personal experiences, aspire to take an inspiring interactive journey in a world of recreation and the pleasure of self-exploration. Here, Amal hopes to fulfill the aspirations of this distinguished group and innovates the wonderful experiences and trips that will inspire travelers and give them a real change experience that enriches their senses. Amala also seeks to protect cultural heritage and preserve rare natural resources.

Amala shines in Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Nature Reserve as a hidden pearl in the heart of the picturesque nature, extending with its unique heritage and clean environment over an area of ​​4,115 square kilometers of terrain and unique landscape. Amala will innovate pioneering and unprecedented methods in developing luxury and recreation experiences, to dig its unique position on the map of global luxury destinations.

Amala will be a natural extension of the pure marine environment it embraces, and the project will work on three of the most prominent international names in the field of architecture and design, to complete the project by the date of achieving the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030. The companies “Foster & Partners” and “Denniston International Engineering” and ” HKS Architecture “mission to implement innovative and sustainable design solutions that will be offered by hospitality facilities, upscale homes and modern shopping destinations in Amala.

Upon completion, Amala will become an exceptional destination that owns its own airport, along with upscale homes, sports centers, yacht moorings and great diving facilities. Amala will immerse her guests from the moment of their arrival in the highest levels of luxury, recreation, sports and fitness activities, and exceptional experiences inspired by arts and culture, all among the most fascinating scenery, amazing mountain views, soft golden sands, pure azure water and rare coral reefs.

Amala destinations

Amala consists of three unique and diverse destinations that provide inspiring personal experiences in a unique atmosphere unlike any other in the world. Each destination takes visitors on an exciting journey of self-exploration and new beginnings. It also gives them great adventures that exceed all expectations in a sunny atmosphere and a charming marine environment that extends throughout the year.

The Three Bays: The “Three Bays” destination will become the first comprehensive community for sports and leisure activities and events worldwide. It will embrace an integrated haven for relaxation and relaxation, as it will offer a selection of authentic traditional treatments that have been used in the region for hundreds of years, in addition to advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities within a wonderful family atmosphere.

The three bays are expected to establish themselves as one of the world’s leading diving centers through interactive experiences that they offer visitors to explore rare rich marine resources, including dolphins, turtles and beautiful coral reefs.

The destination of the developed coast: The destination of the developed coast will become a pivotal center for contemporary culture and arts at the level of the Middle East, as it will include a museum of art and a huge theater to host a distinguished program of local, regional and international events and events, while the cultural village will showcase the finest selected works of the original and diverse heritage in the region and ancient crafts And rare.

This magnificent coastline, whose philosophy is inspired by the principles of goodness and sustainability, and the strong human ties that characterize Saudi society, will form a community to meet influencers, entrepreneurial figures, and thought and art leaders. It will provide facilities andSpas Luxurious yoga and meditation centers, and an advanced equestrian sport center equipped to provide all horse care services, along with modern and innovative stables and polo facilities of international professional standards.

The island: The island’s destination is distinguished by its unique location, where it will become a peaceful and inspiring haven for the exceptional arts community, and the most beautiful green Arab gardens surrounded by works of art and wonderful sculptures will be enriched to offer guests the ideal environment for meditation, thinking and relaxing in a world of magic and the pleasure of self-exploration.

The island embraces a museum and academy of contemporary art, so that this unique community forms a headquarters in the style of the Riviera, bringing together an elite of intellectuals and art connoisseurs. The island is in the middle of the artists’ village, which includes a group of studios, galleries and high-end craft shops, in addition to galleries and theaters that will host bus programs of inspiring interactive artistic experiences and joint creative works.


Amala intends to lead the sustainable global tourism sector by applying the highest standards and practices. Whether you want to visit the “Three Bays” or “the developed coast” or “the island”, you will find principles and practices of sustainability in every aspect of Amala. The project supports the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 axes of building a vibrant society, laying the foundations for a sustainable economy and protecting the natural environment, where Amal will establish its position as a leading global destination for the concept of sustainable design and operation and aims to achieve carbon neutrality from the first day of operation.

Upon completion of the project, Amal will include one of the largest solar energy production plants in the GCC countries. In addition, Amala’s operations will support robust and innovative waste management and recycling solutions that include the use of biodegradable plastics within the destination. Amala will also include a sustainable desalination plant that will not leave any negative impact on the pure coral reefs in the depths of the sea. Sewage will be treated and reused in agriculture. The destination will also contain an organic farm employing sustainable farming techniques to produce ample amounts of local products for guests and employees. These projects would support Amala’s long-term goals of developing a secondary sector for sustainable agriculture to enhance the self-sufficiency of local communities.

Marine environment protection

Amala seeks to achieve carbon neutrality as one of its main goals, as it focuses on preserving the marine natural environment and protecting the clean coast and the vital system and rich marine resources. The Red Sea is one of the rare global marine destinations that still retain its magic and is home to the richest marine habitats in the life the world. Amala’s strategic partnerships with leading international institutions aim to collaborate and explore within four main areas: protecting coral reefs, protecting biodiversity, enforcing marine protected areas, and combating plastic pollution. Through the Marine Life Institute, the mission of preserving local and international marine life will be combined with research and education, in addition to launching and implementing initiatives to research and preserve the oceans and marine environment to protect marine resources in the Kingdom’s waters, seas and oceans around the world.

Investments and development

The project will be one of the main drivers for achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, providing a fostering and stimulating environment for investment and supporting economic growth, with a focus on developing new dynamic economies and providing employment opportunities in promising sectors such as treatments, well-being, healthy lifestyle, sports, arts, culture and recreation.

Amala is expected to provide many economic benefits to the Kingdom in the long run, including the contribution of 0.64% of GDP by 2030, and Amala will open the horizons for a new phase of strategic investments based on environmental action and nature protection with promising opportunities to achieve strong returns. By building societies based on the highest international standards, Amala will provide a rich collection of major and diversified real estate projects and construction industries.

Amala’s investment packages vary from financial investments and partnerships to many development opportunities in the sectors of hospitality, retail, housing, entertainment, art, culture and educational facilities. Amala also contains more than 2,500 hotel rooms and 800 private villas and will provide many opportunities for the tourism sector and real estate sectors. From modern apartments to independent homes to high-end shopping destinations, we will cooperate with private sector companies and the most important global operators and investors specialized in the hospitality sector to provide a unique experience that meets the aspirations of visitors.

Amal is a unique embodiment of the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, which is bold in expressing the aspirations of the people of the Kingdom today, as it unleashes new opportunities and promising hopes that reshape our world to build a better future. Amala’s mission will not only protect the human and cultural heritage and the local natural environment, but it will also contribute to improving the lives of citizens by providing about 20 thousand new job opportunities, up to 50 thousand jobs upon completion.

“Tourism is one of the most promising economic sectors that will support the Kingdom’s economic diversification efforts. Amala is a key element in this promising path of growth, diversification and development because it is more than just a tourist destination, it is the result of a vision that reflects the aspirations Each experience presented by Amala will become an exceptional journey to explore the self and start new ones, and it will inspire Amal, a distinguished community of experts, pioneers and thought leaders, in his endeavor to improve artistic taste and enrich cultural and intellectual experiences, in addition to satisfying his passion Luxury, recreation and the natural environment.

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