Alicia Keys collaborates with CNN in the release of her song “Good Job”, dedicated to the heroes of the Corona crisis


New York, USA (CNN) – American superstar Alicia Keys will join CNN at the world premiere of her new song, “Good Job”, dedicated to the HIV epidemic.

The world music icon, who has won 15 Grammy Awards, will perform her song at 8:00 pm Thursday (EST), as part of the CNN broadcaster Anderson Cooper (CNN TownHall) program, which addresses the latest questions and concerns while dealing with the Corona virus.

The audio version of the song will be available on all digital platforms, Thursday.

Alicia Keys had written the song with her husband, Producer Suez Bates last year, as her purpose was to highlight and celebrate the unknown heroes of Keys’ life, like her mother.

In the aftermath of the Corona virus, Alicia realizes that her message in the song fits perfectly with the moment.

Alicia Keys will become part of the new CNN Heroes campaign to be announced this week, to celebrate the ordinary people who have emerged as heroes during the Corona crisis.

Starting Friday, CNN viewers will be invited to share photos and videos of individuals from their communities who are doing a good job of making the world a better, safer and healthier place. The network will shine a spotlight on a group of these heroes in daily life, using their television, digital and social channels every week.