Abdelhak Nuri, the Dutch club of Ajax, woke up from a coma for 3 years, according to new details revealed by his father on a Dutch program.

Abdelhak Nuri, who is a talent in his team, suffered a health crisis during a friendly match between his team Ajax and Werder Bremen of Germany in July of 2017, after which he entered into a coma

According to the famous Dutch program “De Vereldt Dre”, the Abdel Haq Nuri family has published new details that solve the authenticity of the Dutch talent, as his father and brother confirmed that he is now at home and in good condition.

Ajax Showtime, reporting the news of Nuri Wake Ajax Showtime, reporting the news of Nuri Wake

His brother, Abd al-Rahim, explained during the program: “Abi” is improving. He recently returned to the house. He knows what is going on around him and that he is surrounded by his family, and he is now completely out of coma. He became aware, he sneezed and ate, but he could not get out of bed, totally dependent on us, there is a way to communicate sometimes by blocking or smiling, he likes to be interactive, so one of us always has been with him for 24 hours.

“I still believe in a miracle,” said his father, Mohamed. “It is a difficult ordeal for us, but we do what we can, and what matters is that Abe becomes better.”

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