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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) confirmed that the aviation sector needs emergency measures to overcome the Corona virus crisis, in light of global travel bans, which constitute financial and operational pressures on airlines, which employ about two million and 700 thousand people around the world. And all airlines around the world have suspended many flights, banned travel to and from some countries, and many other precautions to contain the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which ultimately took its toll. The latest IATA report showed that the air transport sector

It will suffer losses of 113 billion dollars during the current year, but the organization returned to confirm that, after the decisions to ban travel between countries, the number will worsen, which portends the worst crisis experienced by airlines in its history. The crisis prompted airlines around the world to take quick decisions and emergency steps to stop the loss of bleeding and maintain its continuity. The companies canceled the fees to change travelers ’reservations for their reservations, canceled or postponed orders for new aircraft, reduced the capacity of their international flights, froze jobs, as well as cut costs and executives’ wages. However, the most important question remains, to what extent can airlines tackle the Corona virus, and do they have sufficient financial viability to continue, or will governments intervene to support this industry through incentives and exemptions to support demand?

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