WASHINGTON, United States of America (CNN) – US President Donald Trump said Thursday that it is possible to impose travel restrictions within the United States, noting in statements to reporters that this was not discussed in the framework of US measures to confront the emerging Corona virus.

On the exclusion of the United Kingdom from the restrictions imposed on travel between the United States and Europe, the US President made clear that Britain “has strong borders” and that the numbers of people infected with the new Corona virus are low, as he put it.

CNN reported earlier Thursday, 590 people in Britain, who had tested positive for the emerging coronavirus, 8 of whom died, according to the British Ministry of Health.

“Britain does not have a large number of casualties, and we hope they will stay that way,” Trump said at the White House on Thursday.

A spokesman for the US Department of the Interior, Thursday, told CNN that the US government considers a number of countries on the European continent a threat in relation to the emerging Coronavirus, noting that the United Kingdom does not represent the same threat with regard to the spread of the disease.

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