After saying I have Corona immunity, Twitter takes action on what Trump has written


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Twitter has taken swift action against US President Donald Trump’s tweet, in which he said he had acquired immunity to the Coronavirus, after contracting it.

Twitter has tagged Trump’s tweet, with the phrase it says it violates the network’s policies regarding spreading misleading news, and the possibility of it being harmful and harmful information.

After saying I have immunity from Corona ... this is what Twitter did about what Trump wrote

Earlier, US President Donald Trump claimed, without evidence, that he had “life-long” immunity from the Corona virus, after his clear recovery from the epidemic, and defended his decision to deliver a speech to a crowd at the White House, yesterday, Saturday, less than a week after his departure hospital.

Trump added, in the “Sunday Morning Futures” program on the “Fox” channel, that he believed that he would be immune “perhaps for a long time, maybe for a short period, it could be for life,” noting that it is unclear how much immunity infected individuals can expect. Previously after recovering.

There is no evidence that people are immune if they become infected once, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) specifically warns people against assuming they are immune.

Trump stated that his medical team had informed him that he was “free” from the Corona virus, before he delivered his first speech to a crowd on Saturday, from the White House.