Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists circulated on social media, videos showing the conditions of Saudi citizens stranded in the Russian capital, Moscow, due to the new Corona virus or what has become known as “Covid-19”.

In the video, it appears that a Saudi citizen was taken in a luxury car to the Farah Hotel in the face of smiles, before heading to a room that looked like a full suite, which the citizen obtained through the Saudi embassy in Moscow.

Badr Al-Asaker, Director of the Office of the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, re-posted the video on his official page on Twitter, with a comment in which he said: “The Saudi citizen in the path of a state and leaders … is the most important.”

The video photographer recounts how he got into the room after contacting the embassy, ​​which told him, “With instructions from the government that every Saudi citizen who is in Moscow and is stuck unable to return to Saudi Arabia, he is hosted by the Saudi government until he returns in safety.”

He continued: “The Saudi embassy, ​​may God protect their faces and faces, did not choose an ordinary hotel, but rather the finest five-star hotels in Moscow and me and all the Saudi citizens who have contacted them.


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