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Press reports revealed an easy way in which to speed up the Wi-Fi wireless network, while working from home due to the precautionary measures of the outbreak of the new Corona virus “Covid 19”. A bunch of advice for those who want to speed up their Wi-Fi networks, when they have to work from home. The British Media Authority advised that people should avoid using the microwave in half the time they use Wi-Fi, make video calls or watch HD videos.

The authority said that these furnaces significantly slow down “Wi-Fi” signals, which makes them more vulnerable to work disruptions from home. The authority pointed out that there is increasing pressure on the Internet, because millions of people are forced to work from home due to the extensive precautionary measures of the Corona epidemic. Afcom said that cordless phones, baby monitors, halogen lights, stereo speakers, computers and smart TVs can also affect the quality of “Wi-Fi” signals, especially if they are close to “router” routers.

Ovcom’s chief executive, Melanie Daus, said that families across the country were communicating together online this week, often dealing with work and keeping children busy at the same time. “So we encourage people to read our advice on making the most of broadband, home and mobile phones – and share them with friends, families and colleagues, to help them stay in touch too.” The British Commission clarified that fixed-line calls or the Internet could provide a more reliable connection than mobile phone calls during the day due to the increase in traffic on wireless networks.

Virgin Media, Britain’s largest cable TV operator, said on Tuesday that its customers spend nearly twice the time spent on their landline phones in the early evening as they did a week ago, with minutes of phone calls increasing by 94%. She said that her land network also witnessed a huge growth in demand in the morning, as people started working from their homes, and peaked at 1000 GMT around 2.5 million calls per hour. Virgin Media, which is owned by Liberty Global, said that final data traffic increased 50% during the day, but still below the peak of the evening.

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