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Since the start of receding Corona Virus In China in mid-March, the Chinese lives and movements are governed by three colors that appear on their smartphones, which are green, yellow and red. What is the story of these colors? And these colors became a sign that the person was infected with the Corona virus or not, through a system designed by him Chinese government Using smartphones for their citizens through what is known as “big data”, in order to expand their disease control in society. The green color indicates the “health symbol”, which means that the phone user is free of symptoms, and he can ride the subway, enter a hotel or enter Wuhan, the central city inhabited by 11 million people and started the epidemic last December.

Wu Shengong, a clothing manufacturer’s manager, used her smartphone to scan a code on a sticker, which triggered her healthy code. A green icon and part of her ID number appear on the screen. She waved a guard wearing a mask and glasses to cross. If the symbol appears in red, this tells the guard that Wu has been confirmed to have some symptoms of the disease, such as a fever, and she is now awaiting a diagnosis. The yellow symbol means that she was in contact with an infected person, but she did not finish quarantine for two weeks, which means that she must be in the hospital or quarantined at home. Wu, who was going to see her store after returning to work this week, said the system helped reassure her after a two-month closure, leaving Wuhan streets completely empty of people. Wu, 51, said that people with red or yellow symbols on their phones cannot roam outside. The heavy use of these sanitary measures is part of the authorities’ efforts to revitalize the Chinese economy while preventing high infection rates, as workers pour back into factories, offices, and shops.

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