A report combining the best virtual excursions for children of all ages


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With continued presence children At home, it is necessary to find creative ways to keep them entertained especially Foreign trips Almost stalled in the current period due to measures to counter Covid_19, so virtual field trips may play an important role in spending important and beneficial times at the same time. Get to know us today with the best virtual field for children of all ages.

Landmarks around the world .. the wall of China

More than 4,800 kilometers awaiting your virtual exploration in the Great Wall of China on this unique virtual journey. Stop by many famous landmarks in the fence such as Badaling and Jiankou and see the best scenic landscapes from your home without ever having to travel during this period.

Landmarks around the world .. Easter Island

Let your children discover Easter Island which is one of the most distant part in the world, especially the huge statues that the island is famous for being there without knowing all the details about its establishment there … complete the tour on the island’s coast and witness the natural beauty of the island in a virtual cultural, educational and fun trip At the same time.

The surface of Mars!

Scientific research to learn more about Mars is still ongoing … In this context, your children can learn more about these discoveries through a fun virtual visit to the surface of Mars, where they can take a tour of what has been discovered so far knowing that the site is constantly updated from Before NASA with each new discovery …

The British Museum

The tour of the British Museum is very enjoyable for many, especially since the virtual tour is interactive, entertaining and useful at the same time for children. Virtual visitors to the museum will discover hundreds of works that can be customized according to time, category and region you return to around the world.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Let your children choose one of the 10 cameras located in the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, which is one of the most important aquariums in the world … Your children will discover a large group of marine creatures in the place through this special virtual tour.

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