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A woman almost lost her life after a rare and horrific case in IntestineI paid her to enter the toilet more than 50 times a day.

According to the “Mirror” newspaper, the woman lost about 25 kilograms of weight in ten weeks, and the 37-year-old became infected with what is known as ulcerative colitis, so surgeons need six hours to remove the inflamed part of her intestine.

The mother of two children was suffering from pain even when eating potato chips, and she was mistakenly diagnosed as a nervous colon, and the woman’s weight fell to 31 kg, as she was entering the toilet more than 50 times a day.

When the doctors tried to take a sample of the stool, the bed sheet looked like someone poured out a pint of it the bloodAccording to the woman’s description, when subjecting to the endoscope, doctors found the intestinal lining “covered in ulcers,” and she underwent surgery to remove part of the colon and replace it with a bag to collect waste.

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