A mysterious discovery in the underground of the earth dates back to before the formation of the moon


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A scientific team at the University of Maryland, the United States, discovered huge mysterious structures in the interior of the planet made of foreign matter in one of the lower layers of the planet. It is located about an distance of about 3 thousand kilometers under our feet. The researchers used an algorithm originally intended to analyze distant galaxies to investigate the mysterious phenomenon that is occurring in the depths of our planet, according to research published last Thursday in the scientific journal “Science”.

Scientists have discovered one of these massive anomalies, which lie deep under the Marquesas Islands, and another structure has been found under much larger Hawaiian islands than before, causing Sputnik. Scientists led by Professor Doon Kim, the seismologist at the University of Maryland, USA, analyzed the seismographs captured from hundreds of earthquakes that occurred between 1990 and 2018 in an algorithm called “Sequencer”. The study focused on relatively small data sets for regional seismic activity, as the team analyzed about 7,000 earthquakes of varying degrees.

Kim said in a statement to the magazine: “This study is very special because, for the first time, we take a systematic look at this data set that actually covers somewhat the entire Pacific basin.” Kim pointed out that although scientists have mapped the deep structures inside the Earth, this study offers a rare opportunity “to gather all the deep data together and try to interpret it in a global context” and these twisted patterns are captured in earthquake patterns, which are records of waves activity inside the Earth, This enables seismologists to capture rare glimpses of the inaccessible underworld.

The team focused on the earthquake patterns produced by the shear waves (S) that travel along the boundary between the Earth’s core and the lower part of the mantle that borders it. When shear waves hit these structures, they produce a type of echo-like signature known as a “posterior indicator”. This echo indicates the presence of deep ground anomalies called ULVZs, which are dense patches on the boundary of the mantle. According to the research, no one knows exactly how these regions are formed or what matter they form, but it is clear that their diameters are about a hundred kilometers and that they are dense enough to slow the waves that pass through them.

Kim and his colleagues found that the strongest references to this substance are found beneath the Hawaiian and Marquesas Islands. This is confusing evidence of the existence of two regions of this substance that extend a distance of about 1,000 kilometers or more. The research pointed out that this article is interesting not only because of its size, but because it may consist of strange materials dating back to the time before the moon’s existence around the earth, and these massive anomalies can be a partially dissolved substance that precedes the moon formation event, which scientists believe is It was a massive collision between the early Earth and a Mars-sized body more than four billion years ago.

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