A “loophole” allows people to use your e-mail in “Instagram” and 6 steps


Washington – The Arabs Today

Media sources revealed that there is a “hole” in which one can use another person’s email to create an account on a site Instagram. And that loophole lies, according to “Times News Now” that creating an account on Instagram always requires registration e-mail, The user may not know that a person who uses his email and name on an Instagram account may expose him to serious legal and personal problems.

The report indicated that a set of steps can be taken to protect your Instagram account:

1- Open the email:

Always check your email and follow up if there have been any Instagram messages you received.

2- Let us know:

Open the Instagram website and under the site you will find an “Email” tag under the phrase “Welcome to Instagram”, and you will find an option “Let us know”, and this will enable you to know anyone who tried to use your email.

3- This is not me:

If you realize that someone is using your email and trying to create an account with your name and email, you can choose the “This is not me” option.

4- Remove Mail ID:

Pressing “This is not me” will remove the email ID from the Instagram account and stop the exploitation process.

5- Add a title:

To ensure that your mail is not used again, you can add your email address to your existing Instagram account.

6- Log in:

If you encounter a problem logging in again, you can press the option I am having trouble logging in, and choose a number of advanced login options.

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