A 6-year-old “security vulnerability” hits the iPhone and iPad


Washington – The Arabs today

Intends to Apple company Fixed a vulnerability that a security company said may have exposed more than half a billion iPhones to break through over a 6-year period. This software bug, found on iPads, was also discovered by Zikobs, a company specialized in mobile phone security. San Francisco Headquartered while investigating a sophisticated cyber attack, a customer was exposed at the end of 2019. Zikops CEO Zuk Avraham said that evidence had been found that this vulnerability had been exploited in at least 6 electronic breaches. A spokesman from Apple acknowledged that there was a defect in the Apple e-mail software system with iPhone and iPad devices known as (Mail App) and said that the company reached a solution that will be available within the next update of millions of devices sold globally. Apple declined to comment on Avraham’s research, which was published Wednesday and indicates that the vulnerability can be accessed remotely and that it was already used to hack into the devices of VIP users. Avraham said he found evidence that a malicious program had exploited a vulnerability in the Apple iOS operating system since January 2018. He could not identify the hackers and Reuters could not independently verify his claim.