8 tips for organizing apps on your iPhone, get to know them


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Organizing the home screen of an iPhone or iPad can be an unpleasant experience, even if you have a layout in mind, Apple’s strict approach to setting icons can be inaccurate and frustrating, and fortunately, iOS 14 will make the home screen in the iPhone Much better, but until you get the new update here are some tips to organize your applications and find more space on the home screen.

How to organize the iPhone home screen:
To rearrange the application icons on the iPhone’s home screen, tap and hold an icon until all icons start to vibrate, you can also press and hold an icon, then tap (Edit home screen) in the menu that appears, after that, start in Drag icons wherever you want on the home screen.

Important applications on the first main screen:
You don’t have to fill a full home screen before moving to the next screen, this is another useful way to create divisions between certain types of apps, for example, you can put the apps you use most often (Dock) and any remaining apps on your home screen, and when you open your device, The main screen is the first thing that you see, where you can make the most of this space by placing the applications you want to access quickly on the first screen.

Place folders in (Dock):
One way to make Dock more useful is to place folders in it, as most people rely on (Dock) to access applications such as messaging, a Safari browser, or mail, so you can create folders in (Dock) on an iPhone or iPad device to facilitate access to applications .

Organize folders by application type:
The most obvious way to organize your apps on an iPhone is to split them by purpose into folders, as the number of folders that you will need depends on the number of applications you have, what you do and how often you access them, and creating your own system designed for your workflow will be the best thing, so look at your apps and learn about How to assemble them in practical and meaningful ways.

Organize folders based on actions:
You can sort apps on iPhone depending on actions that help you perform them, as some folder categories might include chatting, searching or running.

alphabetical order:
Another option is to organize your apps alphabetically, as you can do this very easily in an iPhone by resetting the home screen, just go to (Settings) then (General) then (Reset) then (Reset Home Screen Layout). The apps will appear on the first home screen, but everything else will be listed alphabetically, and you can reset at any time to reorganize the apps.

Organize application icons by color:
You might actually connect your favorite apps with the color of their icons, but when you’re looking for an Evernote app, you might be looking for a white rectangle and a green dot, but it’s easy to find apps like (Strava) or Twitter because its strong and vibrant brand stands out even on the crowded home screen.
Grouping apps by color is an essential option for apps that you choose not to keep in folders, in addition to that, organizing application icons by color will work well only with the applications that you use on an iPhone most of the time.

(Spotlight) instead of app icons:
The best way to organize the app is to avoid it completely, as you can find any application quickly and effectively by typing the first few letters of its name in the search box in (Spotlight).