Although travel and exploration around the world has stopped, due to restrictions imposed by countries for fear of an outbreak Corona Virus What’s new, this does not mean that people stop enjoying their homestay. Whether it is a residence or a vacation, there are little tricks to turn the house into a European destination, an African safari, or explore Australian outback.

11 ways to enjoy bDomestic stone

The American “Insider” website has provided several tips that can be used to discover new foods, meet new people, or relax. We review them in the following report.

1- Add fresh flavor

The best part about traveling is trying new foods, so try to travel from within your kitchen, visit the different cuisines of the world and try foods of international flavors, most notably Italian, Indian and Thai cuisine.

2- Learn a new language

With the help of online courses and applications, you can choose to learn a new language, to be able to learn about a different culture, and learning that language can be beneficial for all of your future holidays.

3- Visit your favorite country by default

Virtual travel has grown in popularity recently, and whether you want to go natural places, visit famous landmarks or tour the castles, you can reserve your seat on virtual tours online.

4- Get away from your phone

If you are traveling to a foreign country and you probably do not have cellular service, why not try it during your vacation home? This will help you get away from the sad world news sources about Corona, which will give you the mental break you need.

5- Try a new drink

Create a mojito and travel to Cuba, or try Indian Karak tea, where you can choose a destination and discover its local drink and try a different drink flavor, and there are many lists of these drinks on search engines.

6- Yoga

You do not need to travel to Bali or China to experience yoga, you can create your quiet space inside your house, light a few candles or incense beside you, and search for an online video of yoga to watch it.

7- Travel with the help of a book

Whether it’s a novel about Italy’s countryside or a colorful picture book, books are one of the fun ways to visit a new destination, and sometimes your imagination is better than the real place, so don’t miss this helpful experience.

8- Home safari

Now the best time to take advantage of natural air and sunlight, you can explore your balcony or backyard during this home vacation. Once you move to a sunny area in your home it can transport you to a completely new place, add some music, prepare your favorite drink, and you will feel that you are outside Already.

9- Build experiences from around the world

Several groups have recently appeared on social platforms such as “Facebook”, which are intended for travel enthusiasts around the world, where you can learn about previous experiences of travelers and benefit from them on your next trip, or meet a travel friend for your next adventure.

10- Watch a foreign movie

Foreign films have the ability to transport you anywhere in any contract, and there are many listings for the world’s best movies, which you can check to find an evening movie.

11- Try new music

Vacation is not complete without good music, you can organize a playlist of songs from a certain destination, or explore a new type of music like blues or jazz.

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