100 thousand deaths from the Corona virus worldwide .. and one million and 650 thousand infections


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The death toll from the new Corona virus (Covid 19) worldwide has exceeded 100,000, according to the American University of Johns Hopkins, on Friday evening.

And the university recorded 100 thousand and 376 deaths, on Friday evening, while the total number of cases of the disease, one million and 650 thousand and 210 cases, in the world.

And the United States of America tops the list of the world’s most infected countries with the Corona virus, with 473 thousand and 93 cases recorded, on Friday evening, while the number of deaths in all the US states reached 17 thousand and 925 deaths.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of HIV cases in New York State exceeded the number of infections in any other country around the world, as the number of infections in the state exceeded that of Spain, Italy, Germany, France and China.

Friday, infection and mortality rates with the (Covid 19) virus decreased relatively in Spain and Italy, according to data from local authorities.

Britain has recorded the highest daily death rate from the incidence of the emerging coronavirus, by 980 deaths, during the past 24 hours, according to British Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Friday.

The British Minister of Health added, on Friday, that the total number of deaths due to infection with the virus in the United Kingdom rose to 8958 deaths, noting that 19 thousand and 304 cases are receiving treatment in British hospitals.